Chia seeds are a powerhouse of protein, fiber and omega-3 fatty acids.  They are also a great way to improve the texture of smoothies.  Chia is a complete protein, providing all the essential amino acids and it’s highly digestible.  Digestible proteins are easier for your body to absorb, so more protein goes towards building muscle tissue.

Some of the Nutrients in Chia (100g)

  • Manganese 130%
  • Phosphorus 123%
  • Magnesium 94%
  • Calcium 63%
  • Iron 59%
  • Niacin 59%
  • Thiamin 54%
  • Zinc 48%
  • Folate 12%
  • Riboflavin 14%
  • Vitamin E 3%

Proven Benefits of Nutrients in Chia Seeds

  • Healthy skin and muscles – Zinc, Vitamin E and Magnesium are important nutrients for building muscle and maintaining healthy skin.
  • Digestive health – Soluble and insoluble fiber are important for digestive health.  Fiber helps to keep the muscles in the digestive tract operating smoothly.
  • Heart health – Anti-oxidants, fiber and omega-3 fatty acids make a potent combination at maintaining a healthy heart and blood by reducing inflammation and increasing the health of cells in the blood vessels and the blood cells as well.
  • Stronger bones – Calcium in chia, combined with boron, also found in chia are important for bone health.  Boron helps the body to assimilate and utilize calcium.
  • Stabilized blood sugar – Fiber and protein in chia help to regulate the body’s absorption of nutrients from food by slowing the rate that the food passes through the digestion.

Chia has many health benefits and it makes an excellent addition to smoothies.  Some other good recipes for chia are

  • Roasted chia seeds
  • Chia flour
  • Fermented chia water