About paul sober
Paul is a trained baker and cook. He has professional experience and training using alternative flours and has been experimenting and cooking with alternative protein sources for over two decades.

Dry Roasted Chickpeas

May 23, 2016 paul sober 2

Dry roasted chickpeas make an awesome snack and the flavor of chickpeas is flexible enough to carry a wide range of spice combinations. Ingredients Frozen […]

Frozen chickpeas

May 23, 2016 paul sober 1

Cooked chickpeas are really useful and can be added to many dishes to boost the protein and substance of a meal.  Frozen chickpeas are incredibly […]


May 23, 2016 paul sober 1

Hummus is an awesome food in many different ways.  It provides excellent protein and it can be enjoyed on toast, on a sandwich, on crackers, […]

Healthy snacks

May 20, 2016 paul sober 0

Snacks are a really great way to take the edge off of a little hunger and keep the good energy going when you’ve got stuff […]