Some common herbs with uncommon benefits

Lately I was reading an article about how organic livestock farmers are using herbs for medicinal purposes on their animals.  It just reminded me that there are many important health benefits for common herbs that you can find at your local supermarket.

  • Rosemary – Packed with anti-oxidants, rosemary has anti-bacterial effects, anti-inflammatory effects and it’s soothing to the digestion.  Traditionally rosemary has been used for many uses like pain relief, breath freshener and to reduce the effects of stress.  One study found that nurses who smelled rosemary before an exam performed better and had lower levels of cortisol in their blood, a hormone that indicates stress.
  • Oregano – Commonly known as a digestive herb, oregano contains many nutrients and potent oils that are cleansing and that have anti-septic qualities.
  • Thyme – Contains several different anti-oxidants and an anti-microbial oil called thymol that is effective against fungus and bacteria.  Thymol is the active element in many mouthwashes such as Lysterine.
  • Parsley – Especially high in Vitamin K, parsley provides trace elements of many nutrients with anti-oxidant qualities.  Parsley has been shown to help reduce incidence of rheumatoid arthritis and it also helps to improve the health of the heart and blood vessels.  My favorite use of parsley is to improve the smell of the breath and farts.

It’s no wonder that chicken soup has the potential to heal and prevent so many different things just by adding a little herbs.


Purchasing herbs in bulk is usually a better idea then buying smaller quantities, since you get a lot more herb for only a little more money.  The links in this article link to bulk suppliers.

Once you begin to incorporate them into your recipes, you may find yourself wanting to grow them.  Growing herbs produces a much fuller flavor and a wider usefulness in cooking.



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