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Smoothies are a delicious and quick way to get some good nutrition into your body without a lot of prep time or clean-up time.  Also, making smoothies is a great way to save money since most of the ingredients are very affordable if produce is available at reasonable prices where you live.


Smoothie making is an art and smoothie recipes that you get off the internet are often just a list of ingredients that would be good for you or that might be delicious, but are usually too pulpy or too frothy or don’t contain enough lipid or don’t contain enough richness to give it any weight.  Here are some

  • 50 smoothies – Food Network – Some simple recipes, nice ideas but not a lot of specifics about each smoothie.  Making perfect smoothies is an art.
  • Many smoothie recipes – All Recipes – Many cool ideas and nice graphics of some interesting smoothie recipes.
  • 20 smoothie recipes – Prevention – Some healthier options
  • Smoothie recipes – Smoothie King – Well, technically it’s a link to their menu, not to actual recipes, but it’s got some delicious looking recipes.
  • Smoothie recipes – – Another smoothie menu from a cafe in MO.
  • Smoothie – Wikipedia article about them
  • Smoothies – Eating Well – Many recipes
  • Smoothies – Martha Stewart – 10 recipes from Martha Stewart
  • Smoothie insanity – Greenblender – An insane quantity of smoothie recipes that are each a little bit crazy.
  • 4 Smoothie recipes – Rodale’s organic life – Solid smoothie recipes and some fantastic tips for increasing your smoothie virtuosity


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