How much protein does your body need?

pinto beans, red beans and black beans

Protein is a primary nutrient for you to consider when you’re planning your food intake.  It’s one of the big three.  Some would say it’s the most important nutrient to consider since it’s the basic building block for muscles, tendons, skin and all your organs and tissues.  There is some disagreement regarding exactly how much protein people require in order to have a healthy life with plenty physical activity, but it is obvious that protein intake is a major consideration.

The RDA of protein is 0.8 grams of protein per kg of body weight.  That means that the average person needs about 51 grams of protein.  Those numbers can vary drastically depending on your activity level and the type of proteins that you consume.

Some protein sources that are more digestible are

  • chickpeas
  • rice and lentils
  • spinach
  • fermented dairy
  • pumpkin seeds
  • sunflower seeds

Cooking and freezing also help to break down proteins so that they’re more digestible and easier for your body to absorb.

Providing your body with sufficient protein, and making sure that you get a balance of all the essential amino acids is a great way to help your body to build muscle when you’re exercising.

People who are more physically active require more protein.

Your body is capable of storing energy as fat, but it has no mechanism for storing extra protein, so including sufficient protein in your diet every day is important.



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