Frozen chickpeas

Cooked chickpeas are really useful and can be added to many dishes to boost the protein and substance of a meal.  Frozen chickpeas are incredibly useful and flexible.

Canned chickpeas are expensive and they contain unnecessary sodium.  The more chickpeas that you purchase, the cheaper it is per pound.  It is possible to find chickpeas for around $1/lb, giving you a complete protein for around 9 cents per gram.  Not only is that a good price, it also includes all the other benefits that chickpeas provide for your health.

Chickpeas that have been soaked and cooked can be frozen for 6 months without any appreciable change in flavor or texture.

  1. Soak chickpeas overnight in water.
  2. Drain and cook for one hour in a normal pot or 20 minutes in a pressure cooker
  3. Place cooked chickpeas on a cookie sheet in the freezer until all the peas are frozen
  4. Put frozen peas into freezer bags

Chickpeas that have been frozen are slightly softer then when they first come off the stove.  I’m willing to bet that they’re slightly more digestible as well.

Once you have frozen chickpeas ready to go, including them in a meal is as simple as pulling the bag out of the freezer and adding some to your recipe.  It’s even easier then opening a can and there’s no extra unnecessary sodium to rinse off.



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Paul is a trained baker and cook. He has professional experience and training using alternative flours and has been experimenting and cooking with alternative protein sources for over two decades.

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