Cheap sources of natural protein

Building muscle can get to be an expensive endeavor if you attempt to get much of your protein from animal sources.  Here is a list of some common protein sources and the cost per gram

Protein sources are not all created equal.  When you’re attempting to gain muscle mass, it is especially important to make sure that you’re providing your body with all the essential amino acids with each meal.  Protein sources that contain all the essential amino acids are known as complete proteins or high-quality proteins.  Animal protein sources are complete proteins.

Another major consideration when you’re considering different protein sources is the digestibility.  Absorbing proteins requires a lot of energy from your digestive system.  Choosing more digestible protein sources means that more of the protein will be absorbed.  Cooking improves the digestibility of proteins.

When you purchase bulk quantities of dry protein sources, the price drops considerably, for instance a 25# box of chia seeds reduces the price per pound to $1.32, so that the price per gram of protein drops to $0.02/g.  My favorite source of protein is chia because it also contributes omega-3 fatty acids and many other important nutrients.

Chickpeas, purchased in bulk produces a complete proteins source for one cent per gram.  If you combine chia and chickpeas, and purchase in bulk, the cost is around 2 cents per gram of protein and you get a healthy omega-3 fatty acid profile as well as a very well balanced amino acid profile.  Plant protein sources are generally cheaper and provide many additional nutrients and minerals.


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Paul is a trained baker and cook. He has professional experience and training using alternative flours and has been experimenting and cooking with alternative protein sources for over two decades.

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